Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

By tackling the problems he has faced, simon lichtenberg (, Simon Lichtenberg) has grown and developed into a strong and successful individual. If you desire to improve yourself, effectively navigating obstacles can provide a useful lesson. Even though he is now rather successful, his journey has not been without its bumps. He wouldn't have ended up where he finds himself today without the motto: “Never give up.” One major challenge Simon Lichtenberg faced in 1997, was that he ended up in a complicated legal case related to the production of counterfeit 'BoConcept' products.

Developing their own organisation, into which they can pour all of their determination, passion and energy, is one of the biggest achievements of business-minded individuals. Companies should, of course, try to make money, but it's additionally crucial that they possess a more altruistic reason for their presence. With a total employee count of 2,000 specialists, Simon Lichtenberg's business anticipates a revenue of $150,000,000 per year.

Simon Lichtenberg - Educational Background

Currently one of the world's leading businessmen, Simon Lichtenberg has managed to obtain significant academic success. Learning causes a person to be capable and robust; because of that, it provides the platform for successful results. In the year 2006, at the Harvard Business School, CEIBS and Tsinghua, he concluded the Senior Executive Program for China (EMBA - or Executive MBA). In '88 at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, Simon Lichtenberg gained his Chinese Language diploma.

Simon Lichtenberg - Succeeding in China

Simon Lichtenberg got to be the Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, was given the Magnolia Silver Award and joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China. He simply followed his dream to build his own organisation in China. Franchised by Simon Lichtenberg in 1993, BoConcept provided sleek furniture in Shanghai, China.